Any space can become whatever you want with some imagination and know how. As every space is unique its best to arrange a site visit to assess the space and discuss requirements.




Linings installed from £2.40 per square meter.

Price based on ivory pleated linings in a building with easily and readily reachable rigging points.

Every building, barn or hall is different so it is best to request a no obligation site visit to see what is possible and the best way to do it.

Venue transformation typically costs less than half the price of an equivalent marquee with interior. With the added benefits of a solid floor, being weatherproof and being able to make use of existing facilities such as power, toilets and kitchens.

See Gallery for more ideas.



Corporate Christmas party for 300 guests, built on the 1st floor!

This years theme was Oscars night. A red carpet welcomed guests into the building and up the stairs into the unsuspecting warehouse venue.

The space is approximately 24m x 30m with a low ceiling. Full blackout star cloth, table pin spots, gold bar, 6' Oscars statues, mirrored dance floor and red drapes made the occasion.



This really was a conversion. The transformation took place over several months whereby I was the design and technical consultant until the week of the event when I installed the lighting, power and heating.

The barn had a rough and uneven floor which was graded and rolled. Custom made canvas sides where made, a tractor trailer stage, sheep hurdles hung from the ceiling with hessian drapes.

Definitely not one for the faint hearted! 


We are renting a village hall, they have said no fixings or holes can be made into the building.

Common in 'real' rooms. There are options for linings and drapes that don't require permanent fixings. The use of soft slings around the framework of the building provide rigging points. There are also options for the use of marquee framework or trussing when there are not natural rigging points.

What can you do in an old barn? It's definitely rustic to say the least.

It's not normally a problem in a barn to put fixings into the walls and structure to create exactly the space you require. These fixings can be left in case you want to use them in the future. You don't need to completely hide structure, partially cover it with roof overlays and use architectural ligthing to enhance the beauty of your 'rustic' barn.

Will linings affect the fire alarm system?

Possibly. We will liaise with the owners or health and safety persons to discuss what limitations are in place. Normally opening up gaps is sufficient to allow smoke alarms to work properly. All marquee linings are fire retardant to British standards. Always be aware when using smoke or haze machines if a smoke alarm is fitted. some venues have the option of turning them off or have heat detectors instead.

Can you leave the rigging in place after the event?

Of course. If it is your property then we can leave any fixings, hang points and pulleys in place for the next party or maybe you wish to open the venue up to other customers.

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