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The word 'bespoke' is overused in the events industry. Everyone seems to be offering 'bespoke quotes' or 'bespoke installations' when really they are just adjusting quantities of the same format that is rolled out week after week.

When we say bespoke we mean one of a kind, never seen before, built through design from the ground up by us in house.

December 2020 we entered a design competition to build an outdoor venue at The Old Church, Stoke Newington, London, an arts venue for the community. In January we found out our design had won and preparations quickly began to get it through the planning process. The build site is located in the grounds of one of London's oldest buildings, a medieval church dating back to 1563. This threw up a whole host of design, build and planning restrictions.

We always start a design process with a full site survey and discussion with the customer about the end use of the product. From this initial process we build a CAD model of the site and then the proposed design can develop in a virtual world.

The logistics of a build in central London require exquisite planning, with the load in requiring planning to the half hour. There is no easy way to just park up and offload 7 tonnes of gear. The schedule on site all starts at the yard, with a full scale 'pre build' build rehearsal. This way the whole team know exactly what they are doing, what goes where and the load in procedure is all in the correct reverse order.

Load in began on a Tuesday morning and by Thursday afternoon after carefully dodging listed gravestones and a historically important building we had the main structure built.

There was no crane access or room for a forklift. Everything was moved carefully by hand.

After five long days on site North Londons latest outdoor venue was complete and ready for the community to use .

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